Asset Response Object

This object corresponds to the Asset Request Object in the request. The main container object for each asset requested or supported by the Exchange on behalf of the rendering client. Only one of the title, img, video, data objects should be present in each object. The id is to be unique within the Asset Object array so that the response can be aligned.

AttributeTriplelift RequiredTypeDescription
idnointegerOptional if assetsurl/dcourl is being used; required if the embedded asset is being used
requirednointegerSet to 1 if asset is required
titlenoobjectTitle object for title assets
imgnoobjectImage object for image assets
videonoobjectVideo object for video assets. Note that instream video ads are not part of Native
datanoobjectData object for ratings, prices, etc.
linknoobjectLink object for call to actions. The link object applies if the asset item is activated (clicked)
extnoobjectThis object is a placeholder that may contain custom JSON extensions to OpenRTB