Native Response Object - v1.2

The body of Triplelift Native request/responses follows the standard OpenRTB Dynamic Native Ads API Spec v1.2 syntax. For more information on this OpenRTB syntax, please refer to the following specification:

OpenRTB Native Ads 1.2 Specification

Any elements of the syntax that may be unique to Triplelift however will be documented below.


The structure and contents of the Bid Response are the same as in the OpenRTB standard. The difference is in how the ad creative is returned. The native creative shall be returned as a JSON encoded string in the adm field of the Bid Object.

The native object is the top level JSON object which identifies a native response. The native object has following attributes:

AttributeTriplelift RequiredTypeDescription
verno; recommendedstringVersion of the Native Markup version in use. Default is "1.2"
assetsyesarray of objectsList of native ad's assets. Required if no assetsurl
assetsurlnostringURL of an alternate source for the assets object. The expected response is a JSON object mirroring the assets object in the bis response, subject to certain requirements as specified in the individual objects
dcourlnostringURL where a dynamic creative specification may be found for populating this ad
linkyesobjectDestination link. This is the default link object for the ad. Individual assets can also have a link object which applies if the asset is activated (clicked)
imptrackersnoarray of stringsArray of impression tracking URLs, expected to return a 1x1 image or 204 response - typically only passed when using 3rd party trackers
jstrackernostringOptional JavaScript impression tracker. This is a valid HTML, JavaScript is already wrapped in
eventtrackersnoarray of objectsArray of tracking objects to run with the ad, in response to the declared supported methods in the request
privacynostringIf support was indicated in the request, URL of a page informing the user about the buyer's targeting activity
extnoobjectPlaceholder that may contain custom extension to OpenRTB