Video Object

This object represents an instream video impression. The presence of a Video object as a direct child of the Impression object indicates that the impression is offered as a video type impression. The publisher can also offer the same impression as a banner, native, or audio type impression but at least one impression type must be specified.

AttributeTriplelift RequiredTypeDescription
mimesyesarray of stringsContent MIME tyes supported.
mindurationrecommendedintegerMinimum video ad duration in seconds.
maxdurationrecommendedintegerMaximum video ad duration in seconds.
protocolsrecommendedarray of integersArray of supported video protocols. At least one supported protocol must be specified.
wrecommendedintegerWidth of video player in device independent pixels.
hrecommendedintegerHeight of video player in device independent pixels.
startdelayrecommendedintegerIndicates the start delay in seconds for pre-roll, mid-roll, or post-roll ad placements.
placementnointegerPlacement type for the ad impression.
linearitynointegerIndicates if the impression must be linear, nonlinear, etc. Supplying non indicates all are supported.
skipnointegerIndicates if the player will allow the video to be skipped. 0 = no, 1 = yes.
skipminnointegerVideos of total duration greater than this number of seconds can be skippable; only applicable if the ad is skippable. Defaults to 0.
skipafternointegerNumber of seconds a video must play before skipping is enabled; only applicable if the ad is skippable.
sequencenointegerIf multiple ad impressions are offered in the same bid request, the sequence number will allow for the coordinated delivery of multiple creatives.
battrnoarray of integersBlocked creative attributes.
maxextendednointegerMaximum extended ad duration if the extension is allowed.
minbitratenointegerMinimum bit rate in Kbps.
maxbitratenointegerMaximum bit rate in Kbps.
boxingallowednointegerIndicates if letter-boxing of 4:3 content into a 16:9 window is allowed. 0 = no, 1 = yes. Defaults to 1.
playbackmethodnoarray of integersPlayback methods that may be in use.
playbackendnointegerThe event that causes a playback to end.
deliverynoarray of integersSupported ad delivery methods. If none are specified, then all are assumed to be supported.
posnointegerAd position on screen.
companionadnoarray of objectsArray of Banner objects if companion ads are available.
apinoarray of integersList of supported API frameworks for this impression.
companiontypenoarray of integersSupported VAST companion ad types. Recommended if companion Banner objects are included in the companionad array.
extnoobjectPlaceholder for exchange-specific extensions to OpenRTB.