Deal Object

This object constitutes a specific deal that was struck between a buyer and a seller. Its presence with the Pmp collection indicates that this impression is available under the terms of that deal.

AttributeTriplelift RequiredTypeDescription
idyesstringA unique identifier for the direct deal
bidfloornofloatMinimum bid for this impression expressed in CPM
bidfloorcurnostringCurrency specified using ISO-4217 alpha codes
atnointegerOptional override of the overall auction type of the bid request. 1 = First Price, 2 = Second Price Plus, 3 = the value passed in bidfloor is the agreed upon deal price
wseatnoarray of stringsAllowlist of buyer seats allowed to bid on this deal
wadomainnoarray of stringsArray of advertiser domains allowed to bid on this deal
extnoobjectPlaceholder for the exchange-specific extensions to OpenRTB