Video Request Object

The video object to be used for all video elements supported in the Native Ad. This corresponds to the Video object of OpenRTB.

mimesrequiredarray of stringsContent MIME types supported. Popular MIME types include,but are not limited to “video/x-mswmv” for Windows Media, and “video/x-flv” for Flash Video, or “video/mp4”. Note that native frequently does not support flash.
mindurationrequiredintegerMinimum video ad duration in seconds.
maxdurationsrequiredintegerMaximum video ad duration in seconds.
protocolsrequiredarray of integersAn array of video protocols the publisher can accept in the bid response. See OpenRTB Table ‘Video Bid Response Protocols’ for a list of possible values.
extoptionalobjectThis object is a placeholder that may contain custom JSON agreed to by the parties to support flexibility beyond the standard defined in this specification