Impression Object

The following object is the impression (imp) object of the bid request that s2s supply partners are expected to send within the BidRequest object to Triplelift Exchange. The impression object describes the ad placement that is being auctioned. There can be one or more impression objects in a single bid request, but there must be at least 1.

Note: The existence of at least one Banner, Video, or Native object is required to describe the type of inventory being auctioned.

This table summarizes all of the objects within the Impression object and also highlights the objects that Triplelift requires:

AttributeTriplelift RequiredTypeDescription
idyesstringThe unique ID of the impression object. If there are multiple imp objects, each will have its' own, unique ID.
metricnoarray of objectsOffers insights into the respective impression (viewability metrics, click-through rates, etc.)
banneryes*object*Required if the impression is offered as a Banner opportunity
videoyes*object*Required if the impression if offered as a Video opportunity
audioyes*object*Required if the impression if offered as a Audio opportunity
nativeyes*object*Required if the impression as a Native opportunity
pmpnoobjectContains any relevant private marketplace deals in effect for this impression
displaymanagernostringName of ad mediation partner, SDK, or player that is responsible for rendering the ad
displaymanagervernostringVersion of ad mediation partner technology, SDK, or player
instlnointegerDefaults to 0. 1 indicates interstitial; 0 indicates not interstitial
tagidyesstringIdentifier for the ad placement that initiated being requested. Associated with placement name/ID
bidfloornofloatMinimum bid CPM for the respective impression
bidfloorcurnostringDefaults to 'USD'. Currency of the bid floor following ISO-4217 alpha codes
securenointegerA flag that specifies whether the given impression requires HTTPS url creative assets and ad markup. 1 indicates secure; 0 indicates non-secure (HTTP)
iframebusternoarray of stringsA list of exchange-specific names of supported iframe busters
expnointegerAdvisory to the number of seconds that elapse between the auction and actual impression
extnoobjectPlaceholder for exchange-specific extensions to OpenRTB