Device Object

This object providers information pertaining to the device through which the user is interacting. Device information includes its' hardware, platform, location, and carrier data.

AttributeTriplelift RequiredTypeDescription
uano; recommendedstringBrowser user agent
geono; recommendedobjectLocation of the device assumed to be the user's current location defined by a Geo object
dntno; recommendedintegerStandard "do not track" flag as set in the header by the browser. 0 = tracking is unrestricted, 1 = do no track
lmtno; recommendedinteger"Limit Ad Tracking" signal commercially endorsed. 0 = tracking is unrestricted, 1 = tracking must be limited per commercial guidelines
ipno; recommendedstringIPv4 address closest to device
ipv6nostringIP address closest to device as IPv6
devicetypenointegerThe general type of device
makenostringDevice make ("Apple")
modelnostringDevice model ("iPhone")
osnostringDevice operating system ("iOS")
osvnostringDevice operating system version
hwvnostringHardware version of the device ("5S" for iPhone 5S)
hnointegerPhysical height of the screen in pixels
wnointegerPhysical width of the screen in pixels
ppinointegerScreen size as pixels per linear inch
pxrationofloatThe ratio of physical pixels to device independent pixels
jsnointegerSupport for JavaScript. 0 = no, 1 = yes
geofetchnointegerIndicates if the geolocation API will be available to JavaScript code running in the banner. 0 = no, 1 = yes
flashvernostringVersion of Flash supported by the brwoser
languagenostringBrowser language using ISO-639-1-alpha-2
carriernostringCarrier or ISP using exchange ("Verizon")
mccmcnostringMobile carrier as the concatenated MCC-MNC code
connectiontypenointegerNetwork connection type
ifanostringID sanctioned for advertiser use in the clear
didsha1nostringHardware device ID; hashed via SHA1
didmd5nostringHardware device ID; hashed via MD5
dpidsha1nostringPlatform device ID; hashed via SHA1
dpidmd5nostringPlatform device ID; hashed via MD5
macsha1nostringMAC address of the device; hashed via SHA1
macmd5nostringMAC address of the device; hashed via MD5
extnoobjectPlaceholder for exchange-specific extensions to OpenRTB