User Object

This object contains information known or derived about the human user of the device.

Publishers (except for special circumstances) are responsible for hosting the supply-side user match table. TripleLift expects to receive our TripleLift user ID (TLUID) from supply partners in the buyeruid field.

TripleLift (except for special circumstances) is responsible for hosting the buyer user match table on behalf of demand partners. We send the demand partner's user ID to them in the buyeruid field. The user ID (as with other fields) is not always passed to buyers, due to privacy requirements. Our partners can find our more about the relevant technical frameworks for privacy in our GDPR & ePrivacy and CCPA sections.

AttributeTriplelift RequiredTypeDescription
idrecommendedstringExchange-specific ID for the user. At least one of id or buyeruid is recommended.
buyeruidrecommendedstringBuyer-specific ID for the user as mapped by the exchange for the buyer.
yobnointegerYear of birth as a 4 digit integer.
gendernostringGender, where "M" = male; "F" = female; "O" = other.
keywordsnostringComma separated list of keywords, interests, etc.
customdatanostringOptional feature to pass bidder data that was set in the exchange's cookie. String must be in base85 cookie safe characters and be in any format.
geonoobjectLocation of user's home base defined by the [Geo Object].
datanoarray of objectsAdditional user data.
extnoobjectPlaceholder for exchange-specific extensions to OpenRTB.