BidRequest Object - v2.5

Triplelift supported objects in the bid request

The body of Triplelift request/responses follows the standard OpenRTB 2.5 syntax. For more information on the OpenRTB 2.5 syntax, please refer to the following specification:

OpenRTB 2.5 Specification

Any elements of the syntax that may be unique to Triplelift however will be documented below.

BidRequest Object

The following object is the top-level or root object of the bid request that s2s supply partners are expected to send to the Triplelift Exchange. This table summarizes all of the objects within the BidRequest object and also highlights the objects that Triplelift requires:

Object NameTriplelift RequiredTypeDescription
idyesstringThe unique ID of the respective auction.
impyesarrayAn array of impression objects. At least 1 impression object is required.
siteno (recommended)objectProvides details about the publisher's web page. Only applicable for websites.
appno (recommended)objectProvides details about the publisher's app. Only applicable for non-browser applications.
deviceno (recommended)objectProvides details about the user's device to which the impression will be delivered.
userno (recommended)objectProvides details about the human user of the device.
testnointegerDefaults to 0. Used when testing (test = 1).
atnointegerAuction type. First price auction, second price auction, etc.
tmaxnointegerMaximum time in milliseconds that the exchange allows for bids to be received to avoid timing out.
wseatnoarray of stringsAn allowlist of buyer seats that are permitted to bid on the respective impression.
bseatnoarray of stringsA blocklist of buyer seats that are NOT permitted to bid on the respective impression.
allimpsnointegerA flag that indicates whether or not the impressions present in the request are representative of all available impressions in the given context. Defaults to 0.
curnoarray of stringsAn array of allowed currencies for bids on this respective request; following ISO-4217 alpha codes.
wlangnoarray of stringsAn allowlist of languages for creatives; following ISO-639-1-alpha-2. Omission implies NO restrictions.
bcatnoarray of stringsA list of blocked advertiser categories; following the IAB's content category definitions.
badvnoarray of stringsA list of blocked advertisers by their domain.
bappnoarray of stringsA list of blocked applications by their platform-specific exchange-independent application identifiers.
sourcenoobjectProvides data about the inventory source and which entity makes the final decision.
regsnoobjectSpecifies any industry, legal, or governmental regulations on the respective inventory.
extnoobjectAny exchange-specific extensions to OpenRTB.