BidResponse Object - v2.5

This object is the top-level bid response object (the unnamed root JSON object). The id attribute is a reflection of the bid request ID for logging purposes. At least one seatbid object is required, which contains at least one bid for an impression.

AttributeTriplelift RequiredTypeDescription
idyesstringID of the bid request to which this is a corresponding response
seatbidyesarray of objectsArray of seatbid objects
bididnostringBidder generated response ID to assist with logging/tracking
curnostringBid currency using ISO-4217 alpha codes. Defaults to 'USD'
customdatanostringOptional feature to allow a bidder to set data in the exchange's cookie. The string must be in base85 cookie safe character and be in any format
nbrnointegerReason for not bidding
extnoobjectPlaceholder for bidder-specific extensions to OpenRTB