Asset Request Object

The main container object for each asset requested or supported by Exchange on behalf of the rendering client. Any object that is required is to be flagged as such. Only one of the {title,img,video,data} objects should be present in each object. All others should be null/absent. The id is to be unique within the AssetObject array so that the response can be aligned.
To be more explicit, it is the ID of each asset object that maps the response to the request. So if a request for a title object is sent with id 1, then the response containing the title should have an id of 1.

idrequiredintUnique asset ID, assigned by exchange. Typically a counter for the array.
requiredoptionalintSet to 1 if asset is required.
titlerecommendedobjectTitle object for title assets. See TitleObject definition.
imgrecommendedobjectImage object for image assets. See ImageObject definition.
videooptionalobjectVideo object for video assets. See the Video request object definition. Note that in-stream (ie preroll, etc) video ads are not part of Native. Native ads may contain a video as the ad creative itself.
datarecommendedobjectData object for brand name, description, ratings, prices etc. See DataObject definition