Native Request Object - v1.2

The body of Triplelift Native request/responses follows the standard OpenRTB Dynamic Native Ads API Spec v1.2 syntax. For more information on this OpenRTB syntax, please refer to the following specification:

OpenRTB Native Ads 1.2 Specification

Any elements of the syntax that may be unique to Triplelift however will be documented below.


The Native Object defines the native advertising opportunity available for bid via this bid request. It will be included as a JSON-encoded string in the bid request’s imp.native field or as a direct JSON object, depending on the choice of the exchange.

veroptionalstringVersion of the Native Markup in use.
contextrecommendedintegerThe context in which the ad appears.
plcmttyperecommendedintegerThe design/format/layout of the ad unit being offered.
plcmtcntoptionalintegerThe number of identical placements in this Layout.
assetsrequiredarray of objectsAn array of Asset Objects
aurlsupportoptionalintWhether the supply source / impression supports returning an assetsurl instead of an asset object. 0 or the absence of the field indicates no such support.
eventtrackersrecommendedarray of objectsSpecifies what type of event tracking is supported.