SeatBid Object

A bid response can contain multiple SeatBid objects, each on behalf of a different bidder seat and each containing one or more individual bids. If multiple impressions are presented in the request, the group attribute can be used to specify if a seat is willing to accept any impressions that it can win or if it is only interested in winning any if it can win them all as a group.

AttributeTriplelift RequiredTypeDescription
bidyesarray of objectsArray of 1+ Bid objects each related to an impression. Multiple bids can relate to the same impression
seatnostringID of the buyer seat on whose behalf this bid is made
groupnointeger0 = impressions can be won individually; 1 = impressions must be won or lost as a group
extnoobjectPlaceholder for bidder-specific extensions to OpenRTB

Bid Object

A SeatBid object contains one or more Bid objects, each of which relates to a specific impression in the bid request via the impid attribute and constitutes an offer to buy that impression for a given price.

AttributeTriplelift RequiredTypeDescription
idyesstringBidder generated bid ID to assist with logging/tracking
impidyesstringID of the Imp object in the related bid request
priceyesfloatBid price expressed as CPM although the actual transaction is for a unit impression only
adidnostringID of a preloaded ad to be served if the bid wins
nurlnostringWin notice URL called by the exchange if the bid wins
burlnostringBilling notice URL called by the exchange when a winning bid becomes billable based on exchange-specific business policy
lurlnostringLoss notice URL called by the exchange when a bid is known to have been lost
admnostringOptional means of conveying ad markup in case the bid wins
adomainnoarray of stringsAdvertiser domain for blocklist checking
bundlenostringA platform-specific application identifier intended to be unique to the app and independent of the exchange
iurlnostringURL without cache-busting to an image that is representative of the content of the campaign for ad quality/safety checking
cidnostringCampaign ID to assist with ad quality checking; the collection of creatives for which iurl should be representative
cridnostringCreative ID to assist with ad quality checking
catnoarray of stringsIAB content categories of the creative
attrnoarray of integersSet of attributes describing the creative
dealidnostringReference to from the bid request if this bid pertains to a private marketplace direct deal
wnointegerWidth of the creative in device independent pixels
hnointegerHeight of the creative in device independent pixels
languagenostringLanguage of the creative using ISO-639-1-alpha-2
expnointegerAdvisory as to the number of seconds the bidder is willing to wait between the auction and the actual impression
extnoobjectPlaceholder for bidder-specific extensions to OpenRTB